Based on xSMDG-2 model

Memory bank for enterprise projects

powered by your company’s internal docs, meetings, chats, and code repos.
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For product-led teams

Accumulate information about the project: decisions, results, strategy, changes.

Save time by avoiding repetitive conversations, documents compose, and facilitate experience sharing between teams.

Avoid repeating old experiences, find new insights, and accumulate knowledge. Use only high-quality data

  • AI search without keywords

    Find any data by asking open-ended, imprecise questions. Receive summaries of copious amounts of internal information

  • Summarize thousands of relevant docs, chats, and meetings

    Save time processing tons of information from a dozen different sources

  • Keep a single vision in the team

    Each team member will be able to obtain a unified version of the strategy, the current product version, tasks, and understand what was discussed at the latest meetings in order to stay informed

  • Fill undocumented project gaps

    Most of the data that is subject to documentation has already been discussed or is partly in the tasks / code, etc. We consolidate this data by automatically generating documents

xSMDG-2 model

xSMDG-2 (Semantic Multi-Scale Dynamic Graph) - is our advanced algorithmic model designed by specifically for enterprise data management and analysis. Building on the core attributes of the SMDG-1, xSMDG-2 integrates semantic, multi-scale, and dynamic capabilities to handle both structured and unstructured data. Unlike its predecessor, it is engineered to adapt to undefined, ambiguous, or scattered data, offering a versatile and future-proof solution for the complex and evolving landscapes of enterprise data.

AI Chat extracts stored historical data to answer employees questions

In a brief and digestible way

We structure your scattered data and make it easy accessible

From internal meetings, chats, emails, docs, and reps.

Manage access to relevant and potentially shareable data

Previously unsearchable due to inaccessibility

Data Protection

End-to-end measures ensuring data protection and compliance

CCPA Complaint

Ensures protection and privacy of user data as per CCPA guidelines

GDPR Complaint

Safeguards user information under EU's GDPR regulations

AES-256 Encrypted

Guarantees data security with AES-256 encryption for both data at rest and in transit
There is a clear value prop. A gap exists, where everyone is solving problems in their own silo.

You're building an electric car. I'm driving a horse cart right now.
Mayank Yadav
Director of Product

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